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4 Interesting Bedroom Color Ideas:

If you’re in need of some ideas when choosing bedroom wall colors, there are hundreds from which you can choose. In this piece, we’ll offer 26 bedroom wall colors to consider, to help spark life, add pop, or simply give your bedroom a new aura and appearance, since the last time you painted on a fresh coat. Consider a few of these great options.

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Pale Pallet

Pale isn’t dull; it’s an invitation to create. With this option, you are in complete control of how to decorate around the walls. Plus, the clean and soft tone won’t reflect light or cause distractions when you’re trying to sleep at night.

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A black rug or dark accent wall with peach is a great combination that will really stand out in your bedroom. It’s perfect with a pale blue shade or mint green accent wall. And, it works well with virtually any shade/material of furniture. The right throw/accent rug will really bring any space together.

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Light Lilac

This muted pastel shade is comforting and calming. This is exactly what you want when choosing the best bedroom colors to repaint your bedroom. It also works well with white, black, yellow, blue, or any other art.

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If you like yellow, but can’t find the perfect shade, marigold might be that shade! It works magnificently with blue and green accent pieces, a large beige lamp/shade, and pairs well with subtle shades of white or beige throughout the bedroom pieces you want to add to your bedroom. The options are endless with this calming finish.

Paint Colors That Are Good for Textured Walls

From your bathroom to your bedroom, textured walls add a visual appeal. A rough, rich texture hides flaws, creates a timeless and aged look, and decreases sound levels in your home. Now that the texture is applied to your wall surfaces, it’s time to choose the correct color. Understand the right colors for rough textures to create your perfect, ideal home environment.

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Dark Colors

Dark colors bring walls closer to you, and create the feel of a small cozy space. Still,when painting textured walls it is critical to first apply a primer made for dark colors. Many paint stores sell a grey primer. Often only one layer needs to be applied, even on textured surfaces. Next, roll on your dark color, such as burgundy, bright reds or navy blues, over the primer. You will notice you will only need to apply one or two layers of your colored paint over your texture. If the primer is skipped, and your walls are heavily textured, you may need to apply up to five layers paint.

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Light Colors

Texture painted with a light color opens and expands a room or ceiling. The texture becomes less noticeable, but continues to give a comfortable feeling to a room. Light colors are ideal when accessories, decor and furniture include bright colors. Light colors may also be used in more earth tone rooms rich in light greens, browns and yellows.

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Sheen Level

Ideally, plaster should be painted with flat, eggshell or satin sheened paint. Avoid flat paint if you plan on adding any type of glaze or color wash topcoat over the surface. Still, be aware plaster painted with a high gloss may have too much reflection and glare on the surface to appreciate the texture finish. The final look may result in a very plastic or fake look. Always create plaster boards with your desired texture and colors before painting your walls.

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